Serving the Rice Milling Industry Since 1917
Farmers Rice Milling Company

Commitment to the Industry

Farmers Rice Milling Company is committed to quality through timely service, technology, people, and diversification of its operations. Its commitment to the rice industry reaches to farming operations, drying and storage facilities, farm land leasing, and rice milling operations.

It is also cognizant of energy conservation and environmental regulations and their impact on the industry. The mill's total hull production is burned and converted into electricity at the adjacent rice hull fueled power plant. Generating its own electrical power and eliminating a historical liability in transporting, disposing, and handling of rice hulls is just another example of the mill's leadership and commitment to the rice industry.

Farmers Rice Milling Company is responsive to its customer needs, whether product, service or information, and takes pride in its ability to respond quickly to a rapidly changing market.

Technology and People

Farmers Rice Milling Company employs the latest technology in milling and handling rice. Its advanced computer-controlled milling system, multi-pass water polishing milling system, and optical sorting equipment are but of few examples of the mill's commitment to automation and its meticulous focus on product quality. By utilizing this advanced technology, along with its ability to employ and retain a skilled, dedicated workforce, the mill is able to fulfill the most demanding specification for milled rice.

Serving the Industry Since 1917

Farmers Rice Milling Company's domestic rice products are its largest growth segment, offering a variety of packaging and distribution alternatives. Conveniently located on two (2) major rail lines, and only nine (9) miles from the Port of Lake Charles, the mill is strategically positioned to supply domestic and export products in a timely and most cost effective manner.

Farmers Rice Milling Company competes in the global marketplace and exports its products to more than 40 countries.