Serving the Rice Milling Industry Since 1917


1917 1955 1980 1998 Present

In 1917, the owners of The Powell Group established Farmers Rice Milling Company. It was designed to mill the crop raised by another affiliate, Farmers Land and Canal Company.

The original mill sat on the banks of a main irrigation canal and utilized the same steam engine that drove the irrigation pump. After the crop was harvested, the belts on the engine were reversed, and the entire rice mill was powered.

Today, Farmers Rice Milling Company, Inc. is one of the largest rice mills in the world on a throughput basis. The mill is capable of processing over 800,000,000 pounds of rice a year.

Located in a prime rice producing area, Southwest Louisiana, Farmers Rice Mill has for years handled the highest quality long and medium grain varieties of rice. Capable of processing any type rice, to any specification required, the mill continues to strive for excellence by constantly modifying and upgrading its operation. Serving both the domestic and export industry since 1917, Farmers Rice Mill continues to meet the challenges of the ever changing market, thus keeping up with customer demands and industry changes as they occur.