Over a Century of Rice Milling Excellence

Farmer’s Rice Milling Co. has been a leader in the rice industry for over a century, combining tradition with innovation in every grain. With a focus on quality, our state-of-the-art facility in Louisiana ensures each batch meets the highest safety and quality standards for our customers worldwide. Our location primes us for global distribution, allowing us to deliver our premium rice efficiently. We continue to set industry benchmarks and evolve, ensuring our legacy as a trusted name in rice continues well into the future.

Commitment to Quality and Safety
As one of the industry’s leading rice millers and exporters, Farmers Rice Mill is committed to delivering precision-perfect quality to our customers. For over 100 years, Farmer’s Rice Milling Co. has stood as a symbol of excellence, encouraging modern farm practices and implementing world-class processing technology to emerge as the industry benchmark for product quality, safety and customer service.

American Heritage & Local Pride
Rooted in rich American soil, our rice celebrates local farming and community spirit. Our ability to not only mill but also source the best rice available is unprecedented. We work hand in hand with our farming families to ensure that we are not only fair and just to our customers but also our farming community. Without them, our job is not possible.

Community Support
Louisiana takes pride in supporting one another, and at Farmer’s that is foundational to who we are and whom we choose to partner with. Our community initiatives reflect a deep commitment to making a positive impact, ensuring that with every purchase we give significant portions of the proceeds back to not just feeding families but also nurturing local and global communities.

Over a Century of Rice Milling Excellence

Take a walk with us through a timeline highlighting key moments and achievements, showcasing our evolution from humble beginnings to now over a century of excellence in rice milling.


The Beginning

The original mill, powered by a steam engine used for irrigation, exemplified efficiency and resourcefulness from the outset.



We embraced modernization with cutting-edge milling and sorting technology, continually upgrading operations to meet diverse rice specifications.


A New Chapter

In 2024, Farmers Rice Milling Company embarks on a new chapter by launching its very own retail brand, expanding its legacy into homes around the country.


The Early Days

Strategically situated in the heart of Southwest Louisiana’s fertile rice lands, Farmers Rice Mill has flourished in a region celebrated for its premium rice production.


Turn of a Century

Celebrating a century of growth, we stand today as one of the world’s largest rice mills in throughput capacity.

Growing Together

At Farmer’s Rice Milling Company, our partnership with local farmers is pivotal to our business. We’re committed to producing rice that exemplifies our shared dedication to quality and sustainability. Together, we go beyond commerce to foster a community rooted in collaboration, innovation, and respect for the land. Supporting our farmers with progressive practices and equitable agreements is vital to their success and the environment. Our focus remains on these enduring partnerships, as our prosperity is intrinsically linked to the welfare of the farmers we work with.