Rough Rice FAQ

+ Who do I contact about selling Rough Rice?

Please contact any of the following people if you are interested in selling your rice or if you have any questions:

Pat Hartwell

Lauren Montgomery

+ Who do I contact regarding Rough Rice Shipments?

Lauren Montgomery

Blaine Broussard

+ Who do I contact regarding Rough Rice Settlements?

Ashley Gothreaux

Jaime Gayle

Milled Rice FAQ

+ Can I buy milled rice over the counter at the office?

Yes, we offer 25 lb. bags of rice to the public, please visit our office during normal business hours.

+ What bag sizes does Farmers Rice Milling Co. offer?

We have the ability to package rice in a variety of sizes including 25 lb., 50 lb., 100 lb., 25kg., & 50kg. poly woven bags as well as 1MT tote bags.

+ If I have my own bag design, can you use it?

Yes, as long as the bag is a poly woven bag that can be accepting into our bagging machines.

+ If I do not have a bag design, can you make one for me?

Yes, we work hand in hand with our customers and bag manufacturer to create a bag that fits all of our customer’s requirements.

+ Does Farmers Rice Milling Co. have a private label brand?

Yes, we offer 2 private label brands; Farmers Rice & Magnolia which we are very proud of.

+ What shipping options does Farmers Rice Milling Co. offer?

We offer several options for our customers to receive our rice both export and domestic. We have the ability to ship both bulk and bagged vessels, bulk and bagged railcars, as well as containerized cargo. We also have the means to ship intermodal trucks for our domestic customers.