Organic Rice

Pure and Eco-Conscious
In partnership with Magnolia Farms, we can offer certified USDA Organic Rice solutions that meet strict organic standards.

Culinary Flexibility
Magnolia Farms Organic Rice provides a clean, natural taste that underlines our shared values of eco-friendly farming and purity. Tailored for health-conscious consumers, this rice shines in clean eating menus and pairs seamlessly with organic produce, serving as a versatile base for a variety of dishes.

Wholesome Benefits
Organic Rice is naturally gluten free, low in sodium and free from artificial additives to help support a nutritious diet. It’s the ideal choice for vegetarians, vegans or those seeking heart-healthy, organic options.

Farmer’s Rice Milling Co. provides rice solutions including bulk, retail and co-packing. Contact us today for details about our organic process and capabilities.

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