Rice Blends

Versatile Blends for Bulk Use
Our Rice Blends provide a selection of quality rice, tailored for bulk culinary requirements across a spectrum of industries. Each blend is engineered to deliver not just a range of flavors and textures, but also the consistency needed for diverse culinary applications—ensuring every order meets our customers’ high standards.

Practical Culinary Applications
Developed with culinary professionals and the food service industry in mind, our Rice Blends are designed to maintain uniformity in texture and flavor, perfect for extensive food service settings as well as for creating consistent, high-quality packaged food products. They’re the reliable choice for kitchens that demand versatility and quality in every meal served.

If your needs are for specific broken rice types for domestic or export use, please contact us and let us serve your needs.
  • Bulk: Rail, Truck, Barges 1MT Totes
  • Large Poly Woven Bags: 100 lb., 50 lb., and 25 lb  

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